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Catching up on the latest excursions and some older missed items.

September, 2017

Wanita's Retirement!!!

After completing 30+ years of civilian federal service with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Wanita retired on September 30, 2017.

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September, 2016

Vacation to Niagara Falls, NY/Canada!

We took a week at the first of September to make a 2,200 mile/7 day driving vacation to see Niagara Falls and some more of the western/central region of Pennsylvania. Our trip covered Dayton (Air Force Museum which you need 2 full days to really enjoy.), Hershey (much chocolate was consumed), Jim Thorpe, Steam Town NHS (Scranton) for a wonderful roundhouse of steam engines, driving along the coast of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. These two lakes finished us seeing all five great lakes within one year. Then, to Niagara Falls! Wonderful time there and yes we got wet a few times.

We had a great time though the trip was way, way too short!

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May, 2016

Vacation to Philadephia!

This year we flew out to Philadephia (the city of brotherly love). We went to enjoy all the revolutionary war history that the city offered. We visited Independence Hall, Churches, Valley Forge, Betsy Ross and other historical sites. The people there were extremely friendly. We had a great visit.

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April, 2016

Vacation to Destin's Henderson SP Camping - April 2016

In April we took the camper and headed down to Florida's Henderson State Park for a week of camping on the beach area. This is a wonderful state park and we have already scheduled another trip next year for two weeks there.

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2015-2016 project


This is my Astro-Cruiser. It is designed to carry all my gear and supply all the power and comforts for a single person. These pictures show the process of getting it to a usable point and then modifications along the way to enhance my hobby of looking at the night skies. Enjoy!

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Dec, 2015

St. Louis Transportation Museum - Dec. 2015

In December we went to the St. Louis Transportation Museum. In December, they have a great model train layout setup and I always enjoy going to see it. The trains and automobiles are amazing.

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Sept, 2015

Christmas Decorations - 2015

This year we decorated the house for Christmas. It had been a few years since we had decorated for a holiday and it felt right this year to do so. Enjoy Wanita's hard work on decorations and there were 5 trees this year!

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Sept, 2015

Vacation to northern California

This year we flew out to northern California to enjoy the Redwoods National Park, Oregon Caves, Crater Lake National Park, Laseen Volcanic National Park and Lava Beds National Monuemnt!!!

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Sept, 2015

Starved Rock Lodge, IL - 2015

We celebrated Wanita's birthday month with a couple of trips this year. One of these was to the lodge at Starved Rock, IL where we hiked and enjoy the lodge.

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May/June, 2015

Vacation to Michigan and the Upper Peninsula

This year we drove up through Michigan to Macinaw Island and the Upper Peninsula! We visited Macinaw Island, Whitefish Point, Picture Rocks National Lakeshore and many other sites along the way. Enjoy the pictures!

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July 4th, 2015

Iron Mountain Railroad - Jackson, MO

July 4th, 2015 we went over to Jackson, MO to raid the Iron Mountain Railroad. It was a great way to spend the 4th of July!

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Sept, 2015

Christmas - 2014

This year we didn't really decorated the house for Christmas. I did put up a tree and put out the Christmas Train.

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